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Today, we know that listening to music has the capability to affect our brain and make us feel better. However, many doctors now believe that it can also do much more. Emerging evidence suggests that it can bring about physical changes to the body which can improve our health. Impressive results from scientific studies have found that patients who listen to live music need less medication and can advance their recovery. It’s even been suggested that music can reduce blood pressure, the heart rate and hormones related to stress. Music therapy is beginning to gain a scientific footing.

Nordoff Robbins is a specialist music charity, dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults across the UK. They deliver thousands of music therapy sessions per year in care homes, day centres, hospitals, schools and their own centres.

Dance with Gratitude is the result of twelve months of personal, spiritual and musical exploration. It’s a collaboration between singers, writers and DJ's that have a love of jazz and dance music, who wanted to create something new, fresh, sophisticated and uplifting. The result is an eclectic mix of foot-tapping, soulful music which musically encourages hopefulness and makes ya wanna dance… dance with joy, dance with happiness, and dance with gratitude!  It’s a must addition for any feel-good music collection.

Studies are now providing solid evidence which proves that listening to moving music causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical, involved with motivation and addiction. Dopamine-induced pleasure may help explain why music has been such a big part of human societies throughout history. Understanding why people like listening to music is helping scientists understand human pleasure.

In addition to the powerful, optimistic and motivational ten tracks released on “Dance with Gratitude”, a choice of boxsets has been created to provide the listener with an extension of the music and vocal content, to enjoy in a variety of environments. Imagine appreciating the inspirational messages on your way to work, in your car, on a train or whilst walking. It would be like spending time with a personal Life Coach and could add positive momentum to your day. “Spiritual Awakening” is the instrumental boxset complete with extended club mixes which provide perfect ambient music for parties or chilling out. “Conscious Mastery” focuses on the informative content of each track, rather than the music, providing empowering affirmations for daily reflection. And “Total Enlightenment” provides you with the whole package. Choose the boxset which will bring you the most joy, for your personal development, well being or next party!