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Here’s great news right away... we don’t plan on sending updates every month and certainly not each week! But we would love to stay connected so that we can inform you of our latest projects and news. We’ll use our facebook page to regularly provide useful links to positive links, video clips and spiritual content that we come across.

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For more than 20 years Paul has read about the power of “Positive Thinking” and knows how important it is to keep a positive mental attitude. He read scores of personal development books which provided him with the motivation and inspiration necessary to lead a colourful life in the entertainment industry. After watching “The Secret” in 2008 he decided to “blog” his personal endeavours to determine whether the “law of attraction” is baloney! intonal is an extension of this work.            

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Marina began to record voiceovers and jingles for the BBC at the age of 15. Some of those early jingles are still played today. However, her passion is singing with bands, and giving live performances. She has worked on a number of compilation albums alongside artists such as Gloria Gaynor, Tina Turner and Billie Holiday, Van Morrison and Peggy Lee. In 2009 you may have seen Marina on X Factor with girl band "Miss Fitz" who impressed Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue.          

Emile is a singer, songwriter and musician, an integral part of London’s session scene. He developed his versatility and polished his skills by working with acts such as M People, James Taylor Quartet and Andy Taylor (Duran Duran) in prestigious venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena and Old Trafford. He has a powerful and charismatic voice and is a passionate and dynamic performer. Spirituality is important to Emile which attracted him to the intonal project.                                


thomas frake musical producer

Thomas is a talented and creative individual with a taste for all things audio-visual. He is a full time music & television Producer with with over ten years of DJ experience. Thomas has played alongside Mark Knight, Kim Fai, Groove Armada, Basement Jaxx, Dave Spoon, TV Rock, Avicii, Moguai and Wippenberg in some of the worlds most prestigious clubs, including Ministry of Sound, Pacha and THAT. His music taste and DJ style is eclectic and reflects his appreciation for multi-genre music.             


With more than 10 years experience as studio manager, sound engineer and producer for CutGlass, Phil has worked on all types of projects, including film, animation, commercials, multimedia games, audio books, voice overs and dance music. Over the years he has worked with a wide range of singers, writers and musicians. Phil was completely flexible and hads-on during recording. His enthusiasm, knowledge and creativity enabled us to effortlessly cut to the heart of each track.                           

Legal Summary Legal Summary